Historical Data Challenges with Event Report Data and Solutions Found in CHPSOData

This webinar will present solutions developed by CHPSO to resolve several historically frustrating challenges associated with handling patient safety report data. Solutions for data intake and quality auditing, automated classification of “other” events into meaningful categories, and analytic comparisons to peers with be presented as implemented in the CHPSOData platform. Please contact CHPSO at info@chpso.org if you […]

Drug Shortages: Impact to Patients and Healthcare Operations

The prevalence of drug shortages has reached an unprecedented level, placing immense strain on the national healthcare system. This crisis has resulted in patients being left without essential therapies, clinicians struggling to secure alternative treatments, policymakers seeking answers, and the healthcare system grappling with a multifaceted problem. How did we arrive at this point, and what is the personal impact of drug shortages on you?

Patient Education for Patient Safety

September 17 is World Health Organization’s World Patient Safety Day and this year’s theme is “Engaging patients for patient safety.”

Recognizing the importance of patients and families in achieving patient safety, HQI is offering a webinar on the “nuts and bolts” of preparing and empowering them for this vital role.

BETA HEART® Wall of Wins

The BETA HEART® (Healing Empathy Accountability Resolution Trust) program allows the department to identify and look deep into many opportunities that we can improve. Marissa’s passion in expressing accomplishment, leads her to create an informative educational board. Introducing the vibrant and imaginative Wall of Wins Beta Board, a visual masterpiece that vividly portrays the department’s goals and initiatives. 

Hospice Fraud: How to Protect Your Patients and Position Your Hospital for Successful Operational Outcomes

The recent dramatic rise of hospice fraud in California has denied many patients high-quality end-of-life care. Overbilling and other unethical practices by disreputable hospice providers impact the reputations and bottom lines of healthcare systems. Our presentation will provide tips for recognizing fraudulent hospice providers and ways to prevent hospice fraud within your organization. We will share information on the hospice industry’s best practices to enhance your organization’s quality and financial metrics. We will also provide an overview of the successful, accountable, and collaborative relationship that UC San Diego Health and The Elizabeth Hospice have built around hospice services. 

Managing Suicidal Patients in the Emergency Department

Suicidality – patients in acute crisis who have attempted suicide or are a danger to self – has seen record increases over the past decade and is now a major condition seen in emergency departments across the nation. One study showed that ED suicidality cases have increased over 400% in just a ten-year period! With this heightened importance has come strict oversight from survey agencies.