Burnout and Resilience, Perspectives in Nursing

Understanding Clinician burnout and resilience are key to retaining healthy staff and have been linked to better patient safety. Join us as we discuss the six areas of work-life that habitually predict burnout.  Discover practical examples of strategies to bolster resilience and counter burnout.

The Long Road Trip to High Reliability – Are We There Yet?

One hospital’s journey toward building a Safety-First Culture and how Physician Peer Review came along for the ride! Every hospital and healthcare system are somewhere on the path to becoming a High Reliability Organization. This long trip requires incredible humility, energy, and dedication to ensure the destination is reached! This presentation will describe one hospital’s journey […]

Patient Safety Evaluation System — 2023 Virtual Summit

8 a.m. – 12 p.m., PST 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., CST 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., EST  “Once you get patient safety right, everything else follows.” – Mark Chassin, MD, FACP, MPP, MPHPresident Emeritus, The Joint Commission Brought to you by: Legalese of the Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES) can be both confusing and intimidating for […]

Who are the Numbers – Valuing Transparency in Medical Errors

As part of vital efforts to improve health care, data is valuable and necessary. But focusing on the numbers may take the focus off the people the numbers represent. In this discussion, Leilani Schweitzer will detail the importance keeping patient, families and the people who care for them at the center of safety improvement efforts. […]

Establishing a Culture of Safety in the Operating Room

The operating room (OR) is a very complex, dynamic, and high-stakes environment that relies on contributions from team members from multiple disciplines. Over 200 million surgical procedures are performed globally each year, and despite awareness of adverse effects, surgical errors continue to occur at a high rate. Surgical errors account for a significant number of […]

Practical Strategies to Prevent Pneumonia: 2022 Update

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is the No. 1 hospital-acquired infection in the U.S. Currently, an estimated 1 in every 100 hospitalized patients acquire pneumonia during their stay, with the associated burdens of morbidity, mortality, sepsis, and monetary impact. Understanding how to prevent this common infection is a key element of success. Medical professionals rely on evidence-based guidelines […]

Overview – New CHPSOData Reporting System

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the new CHPSO Data reporting system works, answer members’ questions, and discuss ideas for continuous improvement of our new platform. CHPSO has partnered with NewVolt Solutions and SpeedTrack Inc. to launch this new event reporting platform as a replacement for NextPlane. The new system improves in a few […]

Reduction of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) with a Unique Multi-Faceted and Timed Approach

Webinar intro paragraph to promote the webinar. Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center (SCVMC) showed an 83% reduction in surgical site infections as part of a methodical, structured approach utilizing subject matter experts both in and outside of procedural areas. SCVMC made maximum use of patient stories, multidisciplinary engagement, data analysis, Lean Six Sigma tools, Just Culture, and […]