Achieving Excellence with Value-Based Care: Cedar-Sinai Orthopaedic Superbundles Report

Since January 2021, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has participated in the Orthopaedic Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI-A) Medicare Superbundle. To maintain quality while improving value metrics, the Ortho team examined all aspects of the 90-day episode-of-care for ortho trauma and elective joint replacements. We found that multidisciplinary coordination and collaboration are vital for outstanding […]

Tube Transport: Evolution and Prospects in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine

Pneumatic tube systems have been used for years as an effective way to transport items, including blood bank specimens and products. This presentation will explore this oft underappreciated technology and discuss various aspects of its use in blood bank/transfusion medicine. Join us as we review how pneumatic tubes can impact patient care and how sending things “down the tubes” can change workflows.

Unlocking Health Data for Better Care: The Role of QHIOs in CalAIM and Quality Initiatives

Qualified Health Information Organizations (QHIOs) go beyond technical milestones to embody digital equity. They function as essential health data utilities, serving historically marginalized entities including healthcare providers, health plans, Medicaid agencies, and public health departments. Through processing and analyzing extensive health data, QHIOs identify trends, enhance care quality, and support public health initiatives. As we […]

Steps to Achieve Collaborative Just Culture® Program Qualification

Scott and Tammy will describe the steps to qualification to the world’s first independently audited, high reliability standard ‒ Collaborative High Reliability® and it’s building block, Collaborative Just Culture®. The program offers a three-tiered approach. Each step builds on the tools and skills developed in the previous step. Collaborative High Reliability™ and Collaborative Just Culture™ […]

Patient Safety Evaluation System — 2024 Virtual Summit

Discover how to leverage your Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES) to transform health care into a learning structure. This innovative summit will teach you how to break barriers and solve what keeps us up at night. It will provide information to help you communicate better (internally and with patients) and strengthen patient care delivery. Presenters will address how to improve patient care design, and discuss innovative programs that reduce costs, accelerate efficiency, and enhance reliability.  

Falling Short: Why Fall Prevention Programs Are Not Enough

Discover the key to preventing hospital falls in our upcoming webinar, where we unveil the singularly proven intervention that effectively mitigates fall risks. Join us as we delve into current strategies and drawing from the latest research offer practical insights to address this critical patient safety concern. Learn how this evidence-based intervention can transform fall […]

The Identification and Mitigation of False-positive CLABSIs

Central line associated blood stream infections are associated with increased patient morbidity, mortality, and health care costs. In 2020, the target was for CLABSI rates to improve by 50% compared to the 2015 baseline. However, during COVID-19, the national SIR for CLABSI increased an average of 24% nationally and remains 22% above pre-pandemic levels.  

More than Sneaker Power: Safe and Effective Transport of Blood Components by Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems

New and increasingly more sophisticated technologies impacting the blood bank/transfusion services have been widely deployed, enhancing the blood bank operations in a safe and effective manner. When considering the introduction of new instrumentation or new methodologies, it is incumbent on the manager or other laboratory representative responsible for operations to fully assess the needs of […]