Hospital Quality Transparency Dashboard

Hospital Quality Institute, in cooperation with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and California Hospital Association, has created dashboards of publicly-available quality data for each California Hospital Association short-term, acute-care member hospital. These dashboards provide information on eight measures. Hospitals may also add optional comments about performance and initiatives at that hospital. HQI encourages each hospital to publish the information in the dashboard to its public-facing website to increase hospital quality transparency.

Example of Quality Transparency Dashboard upper panel, showing quantitative measures and check boxes for program measure status.

Five outcome measures

Three program status measures

Consumer level explanations of each measure

No judgment, no stars, no rankings, no grades

HQI supports and facilitates hospital leadership in providing increased quality transparency and subsequent quality improvement. Our statewide goal is to have a Quality Transparency Dashboard or its equivalent published on every California hospital’s website by the end of 2018.

For more information, hospitals may contact HQI at