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CHPSO Safe Table Forum – Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Community through 4 Pillars of Robust SDOH Strategy

As research has grown to show that clinical care is not the strongest determinant in health outcomes, it’s increasingly more common for healthcare entities to prioritize health equity and address health disparities in patients and the community. Additionally, recent shifts in state and federal policy encourage healthcare organizations to take accountability for addressing social determinants […]

ALERT: Data Show Increased Whooping Cough Prevalence in California

What’s Happening HQI, through its Sentinel Signal Detection System, has identified an increase in pertussis (whooping cough) prevalence at California hospitals since the start of the second quarter of 2023. Specifically, of the 88 California hospitals that provided 2023 Q2 hospital encounter data to HQI, 20 (22.7%) had higher than expected prevalence of pertussis cases […]

Historical Data Challenges with Event Report Data and Solutions Found in CHPSOData

This webinar will present solutions developed by CHPSO to resolve several historically frustrating challenges associated with handling patient safety report data. Solutions for data intake and quality auditing, automated classification of “other” events into meaningful categories, and analytic comparisons to peers with be presented as implemented in the CHPSOData platform. Please contact CHPSO at if you […]