HQI Cares Introduces BETA HEART®

HQI has partnered with BETA Healthcare Group to offer HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART®, the premier program to help hospitals build a culture of safety, improve response to harm, and care for the caregivers.

BETA HEART (healing, empathy, accountability, resolution and trust) is a coordinated program that helps organizations create a reliable, sustainable and transparent culture of safety.

Creating such a culture is a multi-year process and often requires changes throughout the organization. As the industry leader in promoting organization-wide culture transformation, BETA HEART will assist your hospital to:

  • Develop accountable and reliable systems that support provision of safe care;
  • Support and value all members of the health care delivery team;
  • Develop empathic and clinically appropriate processes that support healing of both the patient and clinician after an adverse event;
  • Develop mechanisms for early, ethical resolution of harm caused by medical error or inappropriate care; and
  • Instill trust between clinicians and patients.

BETA HEART is an interactive and collaborative program comprised of five individual and closely integrated domains — essential components of the culture of safety and transparency.

Culture of SafetyAdministering a scientifically validated, psychometrically sound culture-of-safety survey to measure staff perceptions of safety and engagement, as well as sharing and debriefing results.
Rapid Event Response
and Analysis
A formalized process for early identification of adverse events and rapid response. Includes cognitive interviewing tactics to collect information. Event analysis integrates human factors science, systems analysis and the principles of Just Culture.
Communication and
A commitment to honest and transparent communication with patients and family members after an adverse event; communication that begins early and continues through resolution.
Care for the CaregiverAn organizational program that ensures emotional support for members of the health care team involved in, and/or impacted by, an adverse event.
Early ResolutionA process for early resolution when harm is deemed a result of inappropriate care or medical error.

Program Workshops: Domains are introduced through distinct workshops attended by key individuals from participating hospitals. After each workshop, our program team will work with your organization to develop a plan and provide you with customized support as you progress through domain implementation. 

The value of BETA HEART is explained by three CEOs who have experienced the program first-hand:

John Fankhauser, MD
President/CEO, Ventura County Medical Center

Donna J. Hefner, RN, BSN, MSHS, CPHRM
President/CEO, Sierra View Medical Center

Lawrence E. Lewis
President/CEO, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District

               Fankhauser“BETA HEART has instilled in our organizational culture the value of communicating early and openly with patients and families after difficult events. This has been transformative. I know of patients who after experiencing adverse events told us they decided to continue their care with us because of how honestly we communicated.”
Hefner: “While the program may change the medical malpractice cost curve, the benefits of BETA HEART go much further. A far bigger value is that the program has taught us how to properly and respectfully address the needs and concerns of both our patients and staff after difficult events. BETA HEART helped us understand the importance of caring for the caregiver and gave us the tools to support our workforce.”
Lewis: “As an organization we are looking for excellence in every aspect of patient care. BETA HEART is a comprehensive program that has cemented our commitment to building a culture of safety. With their help we’ve attained a higher level of staff engagement related to safety and quality and that is allowing us to take definitive steps toward improving employee satisfaction and addressing burnout.”

Want to learn more about the benefits HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART? We’re here for you. Contact:

Boris Kalanj, MSW
Director of Programs
Hospital Quality Institute
(916) 552-7694

How it Works for HQI Members

HQI members interested in participating in the HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART program to build a culture of safety in their organization begin their BETA HEART journey in a few steps:

  • Execute a Participation Agreement (coordinated through HQI)
  • Complete a readiness assessment
  • Complete a gap analysis process (conducted by BETA)

To learn more or to participate in the HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART program, contact Boris Kalanj, Director of Programs, Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) at bkalanj@hqinstitute.org.

For information on becoming a member hospital click here.

“This program is invaluable to our system.”

Dr. John Fankhauser, CEO, Ventura County Medical Center

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