Eliminating Hospital Workplace Violence

“Workplace safety is inextricably linked to patient safety. Unless caregivers are given the protection, respect, and support they need, they are more likely to make errors, fail to follow safe practices, and not work well in teams.”

Lucian Leape Institute

The safety and well-being of the health care workforce are fundamental preconditions for safe and effective patient care. Workplace violence — a growing problem in California hospitals — jeopardizes both workforce wellness and the quality of care. HQI is committed to helping hospitals protect their employees and ensure a safe environment for all. 

Community of Practice (CoP) on Eliminating Hospital Workplace Violence


Workplace violence is a growing occupational hazard for health care workers today and a significant concern for California hospitals. The purpose of the Community of Practice is to connect individuals working on the issue of workplace violence in hospitals through a collaborative network designed for peer-to-peer learning and exchange. 

The CoP provides regular, structured opportunities for hospitals to exchange ideas and best practices, learn, and problem-solve together — aiming to advance their capacity for preventing and responding to workplace violence. 

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MONTHLY VIRTUAL FORUMS (January – December 2024) 

These are interactive, hour-long sessions designed for peer-to-peer learning and exchange. Each forum features a brief overview of a topic relevant to workplace violence followed up by a group discussion.

6/27 Virtual Forum (Noon – 1:30 PM)

7/25 Virtual Forum

8/29 Virtual Forum

9/26 Virtual Forum

10/24 Virtual Forum

11/21 Virtual Forum

12/19 Virtual Forum

5/23 Virtual Forum

4/18 Virtual Forum

3/13/24 Virtual Forum

2/22/24 Virtual Forum

RESOURCE REPOSITORY (expected in June 2024) 

A curated selection of resources on the prevention/management of workplace violence in hospitals will be assembled and posted online. In addition, participating hospitals will share their materials and resources as exemplars that could be emulated by others. These include organizational plans, policies, and processes to curb workplace violence. 


These are in-person events designed to connect individuals who lead or support workplace violence elimination efforts in hospitals located in the same geographic region.  A total of six regional roundtables will be held in 2023 and 2024 throughout California.

2024 HQI ANNUAL CONFERENCE (October 20-21, 2024) 

There will be a dedicated conference track on workplace violence.