Safe Table Forum

CHPSO Safe Table Forum – It Could have been Different

This session will explore Gabby’s journey as she sought medical help for failure to thrive. Gabby’s mother will share their experiences with multiple doctor visits, a pediatric Gastroenterology (GI) specialist will discuss the failure to thrive workup, and an emergency department (ED) and trauma specialist will address the ultimate diagnosis and strategies for supporting patients like Gabby. Ultimately, Gabby was admitted to the hospital where her diagnosis was determined, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

CHPSO Safe Table Forum – Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Community through 4 Pillars of Robust SDOH Strategy

As research has grown to show that clinical care is not the strongest determinant in health outcomes, it’s increasingly more common for healthcare entities to prioritize health equity and address health disparities in patients and the community. Additionally, recent shifts in state and federal policy encourage healthcare organizations to take accountability for addressing social determinants […]

The Challenge of Sepsis: Avoiding Overthinking the Signs, Symptoms and Delaying Identification – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

In this enlightening session, speaker will delve into the complexities surrounding the timely detection of sepsis, emphasizing the importance of not overanalyzing its signs and symptoms. Sepsis, a global issue, often presents itself in a way that mimics other causes, leading to misdiagnosis or delayed intervention. By addressing this challenge head-on, we aim to equip […]

Medication Reconciliation Process: Cultivating a Gold Standard – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

Medication reconciliation is an essential process in healthcare that plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and positive health outcomes. It involves reviewing and verifying a patient’s medication history to ensure accurate and comprehensive medication lists. This process is particularly crucial during care transitions, such as hospital admission or discharge, to avoid medication-related adverse […]

Management of Alcohol Withdrawal in the Acute Care Setting – a Multi-disciplinary Root Cause Analysis – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

Managing a patient who is withdrawing from alcohol is a complex balance of accurate assessments, consistent and aggressive medication management, and clear communication between the multi-disciplinary team. The case being presented follows a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis that was performed following the death of a patient withdrawing from alcohol. The case highlights the many challenges […]

Hospitals Advancing Equity in Perinatal Care – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

Despite California’s recent improvements in perinatal care and outcomes, Black mothers / birthing people are still multiple times more likely to die from pregnancy/birth-related causes and twice as likely to suffer a maternal morbidity (such as hemorrhage and infection) than those in other racial/ethnic groups. Hospitals are naturally called upon to help address these disparities, and […]