Quality Transparency Dashboard

New! HQI is now publishing a Quality Transparency Dashboards Report that compares hospitals’ quality performance to state and national benchmarks. Read more below or see our step-by-step download instructions.

HQI’s Quality Transparency Dashboard (QTD) leverages publicly available data on more than 90 quality measures to create hospital-specific dashboards highlighting performance on eight key metrics. Data are further contextualized with consumer-level explanations of each measure, as well as (optional) hospital-provided comments about its own initiatives and performance. The dashboards have no judgment, rankings, stars, or grades.

HQI encourages hospitals to post this dashboard on their public-facing websites to increase transparency and drive quality improvement. As of 2022, 290 (81.2%) of 357 acute care hospitals had posted the dashboard or equivalent information on their websites.

Questions? Visit the FAQs or contact HQIAnalytics@HQInstitute.org.

More Details

For more information, hospitals may contact HQI at HQIAnalytics@HQInstitute.org.