Management of Alcohol Withdrawal in the Acute Care Setting – a Multi-disciplinary Root Cause Analysis – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

Managing a patient who is withdrawing from alcohol is a complex balance of accurate assessments, consistent and aggressive medication management, and clear communication between the multi-disciplinary team. The case being presented follows a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis that was performed following the death of a patient withdrawing from alcohol. The case highlights the many challenges […]

Hospitals Advancing Equity in Perinatal Care – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

Despite California’s recent improvements in perinatal care and outcomes, Black mothers / birthing people are still multiple times more likely to die from pregnancy/birth-related causes and twice as likely to suffer a maternal morbidity (such as hemorrhage and infection) than those in other racial/ethnic groups. Hospitals are naturally called upon to help address these disparities, and […]

Addressing Racial Inequity in Healthcare Outcomes with a Focus on Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies

Addressing racial inequity in healthcare requires focused attention and concerted action. A new initiative in Los Angeles County (now in its third year) is doing just that. Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies helps participating hospitals evaluate their data, collaborate with community partners, and implement institutional changes to improve care for Black women, birthing […]

Patient Safety Culture Change

How can a health plan incentivize hospitals to develop reliable, sustainable and transparent cultures of safety? Learn about a groundbreaking new partnership of Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) and Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) that rewards hospitals for participating in HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART® (HQI Cares), a comprehensive, multi-year program aimed at transforming […]

Transgender Healthcare: Safety Considerations for Both Patient and Institution

In this presentation we will discuss who transgender patients are, and review relevant epidemiologic information about this diverse patient population. We will then discuss the treatments and care plans that many patients undergo in the course of care. This discussion will include a brief overview of surgeries, and what these surgeries require from both patients […]