HQI is proud to introduce a new patient safety reporting platform – CHPSOData. As a reminder, CHPSOData has replaced NextPlane as CHPSO’s previous event reporting vendor.

The goal of CHPSOData is to help members eliminate preventable harm through an ongoing evolution toward better analytics. Patient safety is a complex domain that requires sophisticated and focused solutions. This new platform optimizes the uploading, reporting, and analytics process, ensuring that data are stored securely and maximum value is extracted from event data and then provided in actionable formats.

Event Reporting

CHPSOData makes it easy to upload event data. The new data upload process conforms to your internal data formats, accepting Excel and CSV files directly. Using artificial intelligence and the expertise of HQI’s team, data are standardized so they can be used for analytics.

Data Standardization

CHPSOData transforms adverse events into a standardized format, allowing future comparisons between healthcare organizations and illuminating insights into larger industry trends and best practices. The platform maps information into both the AHRQ taxonomy and an easy-to-work-with proprietary format. Finally, CHPSOData will leverage the use of natural language processing and machine learning to extract information from narrative unstructured text. 

In addition to feeding analytics, the standardized data are made available to the health care organizations to perform their own analyses with a clean dataset.

Comparative Analytics (work in progress)

CHPSOData will provide performance and quality indicators relative to different benchmarks and comparison groups. These tailored dashboards allow patient safety personnel to quickly identify key areas for improvement.

Exploratory Analysis

Not all insights can be automated, and some of the most novel and impactful ideas will come from data exploration and ad hoc analysis. With a focus on standardizing, cleaning, and mining input data early in the process, CHPSOData enables the patient safety organization to focus on data analytics.


Member access to the NextPlane system ended on November 1, 2022. To assist you with onboarding to CHPSOData, the team has created a how-to instructional video on YouTube. Please send any concerns or questions to

Ongoing Support

Introducing CHPSOData Connect! HQI has launched a quarterly virtual call to help members maintain proficiency with the reporting platform and become familiar with its features and resources through interactive sessions. These gatherings provide a collaborative experience for sharing tips, troubleshooting, and receiving personalized assistance, facilitating skill enhancement and keeping users updated with the latest developments. If you would like to attend these meetings, email us at

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