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Kamali Jones is HQI’s New Safety & Reliability Clinical Advisor

Kamali Jones has joined HQI as a safety & reliability clinical advisor. Kam is an RN and comes to HQI from Adventist Health, where he served as a clinical education manager for the past five years.  In his role at HQI, Kam will take the lead on member outreach and education, as well as assist […]

Recruitment Continues for Hospital Quality Improvement Platform

Recruitment for HQI’s updated Hospital Quality Improvement Platform (HQIP) — a quality analytics system that consolidates disparate data sources into a single, statewide platform — is continuing, with an emphasis on reconnecting with those hospitals that had expressed interest prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Tackling the Issue of Workplace Violence

Getting physically and verbally abused has become far too commonplace for health care workers. And while these circumstances against health care workers are nothing new, they have steadily increased over the past decade and were further exacerbated by the pandemic. 

The Challenge of Sepsis: Avoiding Overthinking the Signs, Symptoms and Delaying Identification – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

In this enlightening session, speaker will delve into the complexities surrounding the timely detection of sepsis, emphasizing the importance of not overanalyzing its signs and symptoms. Sepsis, a global issue, often presents itself in a way that mimics other causes, leading to misdiagnosis or delayed intervention. By addressing this challenge head-on, we aim to equip […]

The Healthcare Cyber Threat Landscape: From Digital Risk to Clinical Risk

Cyber-attacks against hospitals and health systems have increased dramatically with the onset of the pandemic as nation state and criminal cyber adversaries have targeted healthcare organizations with a record number of hacks. These attacks involve the theft of massive amounts of patient data and medical research. Most concerning, high impact ransomware attacks have struck hospitals and health systems at an alarming rate, causing significant disruption and delay of healthcare delivery, and risking patient safety. 

Join John Riggi, National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk for the American Hospital Association and former FBI Cyber senior executive, as he provides his unique national and international perspective on the latest cyber threats, including those arising from geopolitical tensions and how best to best prepare for, respond to and recover from them. He will also discuss the latest cyber legislative and policy developments. As John always says, “This presentation is designed not to scare, but make aware, so we can prepare.”