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HQI President’s Message

We’re 18+ months into the pandemic, but your staff may feel like it’s March 2020 again. Some of your hospitals may be dealing with a current influx of COVID-19 patients that is straining resources to the max, along with a workforce shortage. But no matter the need, through surge after surge, they’ve been there for their communities.  

HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART Now Open for Enrollment

It’s official!  HQI and BETA Healthcare Group have come together to offer California hospitals an unprecedented opportunity to advance patient safety. We have launched HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART®, a comprehensive, multi-year program designed to lead hospitals toward developing a reliable, sustainable culture of patient safety and consistent, empathetic and transparent responses to adverse events.  While this cutting-edge program has already proven successful in BETA-member hospitals, our partnership with BETA now allows HQI to make the program available to the greater hospital community. 

Examining COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Health Care Workers

Since states began establishing their vaccine plans late last year, health care workers were seen as a critical population for receiving the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. In parallel, the national vaccine rollout plan established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), made it a priority to provide the initial limited doses to health care workers. The aim was to protect not only frontline workers, but also to ensure the safety of their families, the patients they closely interact with, and the community at large

Look for CHPSO 2020 Annual Report in Mid-October

Every year, the Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) provides members with an annual report highlighting patient safety-related activities, analytics, and a review of membership and database status.   This annual report will cover Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2020. It will be available on the CHPSO website, and all members and newsletter subscribers will receive an email from CHPSO with […]

HQI President’s Message

Earlier this month, California reached a milestone that at many times throughout the course of the past year might have seemed unattainable. The state has now “reopened” for business, retiring the color-coded tier system and relaxing social distancing and capacity restrictions. After more than 15 months of numerous public health orders, three surges of cases, countless mask and gown changes along with many sleepless nights, the COVID-19 pandemic has finally given us a little bit of breathing room.  

Protecting your Organization from Ransomware

The 2021 wave of ransomware attacks has washed over every major business sector — including health care. Moreover, a Wall Street Journal article dated June 10 pointed out that one group of ransomware criminals is specifically targeting hospitals. This unfortunate reality strongly suggests that everyone in the CHA/HQI community should be working to avoid becoming a ransomware victim. This article will discuss high-priority items for organizations to pursue in that effort and identify some important strategies that sometimes get overlooked. Together, this information will hopefully help bolster your barriers against ransomware. 

The Shocking Truth Regarding Job-Related Problems Prior to Nurse Suicide

It has often been referred to as the “silence of shame.” Mental health conditions, substance use, and workplace events have been documented as contributing antecedents to nurse suicides. When a nurse is at risk for losing or loses his/her license, the psychological impact can be devastating. The experience of isolation, feelings of failure, public humiliation, […]