Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization

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Created in 2008 by the California Hospital Association,  the Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) is a federally designated patient safety organization (PSO) dedicated to the elimination of preventable patient harm and improving the quality of health care delivery. With over 400 members in the United States, CHPSO is one of the largest PSOs in the nation and is a trusted leader in the analysis, dissemination and archiving of patient safety information. CHPSO collects safety event reports and other reports of patient safety issues in a legally protected manner.

As a result, CHPSO obtains a larger view of potential patient hazards and is able to identify emerging risks, understand the causes and corresponding solutions.

Benefits to Hospitals

CHPSO works together with members and state and federal agencies on quality improvement and patient safety issues that are relevant to their communities, while maintaining patient and provider confidentiality and legal privilege.

Please visit the CHPSO website to view various resources and learn more about our organization.