President's Message

A Strong Year and More to Come

In this final month of the year, and as we look toward 2024, we at HQI have been taking some time to reflect on the work we’ve been able to accomplish alongside hospital leaders throughout California and beyond.  

There’s no question this year has been fraught with challenges: increased aggression and violence toward health care workers; stubborn drop-offs in key quality measures that have lingered since the pandemic; a seemingly perpetual workforce shortage.  

All of these speak to the heart of why HQI does what it does and why our team is energized every day to work in support of your efforts to improve patient care.  

As we look toward next year, HQI is building on its data analytics capabilities, doubling down on educational opportunities — both virtual and in-person — and recommitting to expansion of its HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART® program to make sure that caregivers have the support they need to be their best for patients.  

I hope that the next couple of weeks and any holidays you celebrate bring you peace, comfort, and allow you time to reenergize — enabling you to start the new year with renewed focus on what matters most to all of us: the well-being of our teams, our patients, and our families and friends.