Quality Quarterly

HQI Resources Help Hospitals Prioritize Patient Safety

This year marks a quarter century since the 1999 landmark report, To Err is Human — a reminder of just how long the nation has been on this journey to patient safety. Many believe the pace of improvement has been too slow. In some instances, hospitals are falling short of a true culture of safety; staff are leaving the profession and patients are still being harmed. But, for hospitals willing to renew their “constancy of purpose” for improving patient safety, there are solutions. 

Communication and resolution programs, such as CANDOR, have offered a path to open communication, transparency, and honest disclosure of adverse events fostering trust, accountability, and continuous improvement.  

Building on this, HQI has partnered with BETA Healthcare to offer hospitals an integrated program that has been nicknamed “CANDOR on steroids.” The program, HQI Cares, is currently guiding over 60 California hospitals toward a reliable and sustainable culture of safety, helping them achieve a consistent, empathetic, and transparent response to patient harm as well as effective and proactive care for their caregivers.    

HQI Cares helps hospitals build an environment where every patient feels secure, every family trusts their hospital, and every health care professional feels fulfilled, empowered, and confident.  

For more information, contact Boris Kalanj at (916) 505-3429 or bkalanj@hqinstitute.org