President's Message

Improvement Never Ends

Patient safety is the focus of what we all do. It involves a never-ending process of learning, understanding, and improving. At HQI, our goal is to support the dedicated people who are on the front lines of patient safety with valuable information to help them do their jobs better and open the door to new ideas in the world of health care.  

In this edition of Quality Quarterly, we explore vital patient safety topics, including the often-overlooked phenomenon of health care “near misses,” shedding light on why they are underreported and underrecognized, and offering potential solutions. Additionally, we delve into the increasing global prevalence of latent tuberculosis infection and how cultural and linguistic backgrounds can contribute to treatment challenges.  

We’re also sharing updates on the latest enhancements to HQI’s Hospital Quality Improvement Platform, urging hospitals to join HQI Cares as they work to cultivate a culture of safety, and sharing progress on our efforts to combat workplace violence. 

The mission of the patient safety professional is to advance safety, improve quality, and eliminate harm. While there’s a lot of work to be done, much progress has been made. That’s a credit to the dedication health professionals bring to the job every day. Knowledge is power and HQI is proud to support you in this essential effort with information that helps make patients safer and healthier.