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Use of Hospital Quality Improvement Platform Jumps 

Use of HQI’s updated Hospital Quality Improvement Platform (HQIP) — a quality analytics system that consolidates disparate data sources into a single, statewide platform — continues to increase as more hospitals complete their contract reviews.  

Integrating High-Quality Substance Use Disorder Care into Hospitals 

Substance use disorders are sometimes seen as challenging to manage, especially in the hospital setting. However, with the right processes and systems in place, hospitals play a critical role in improving care and outcomes for people with substance use disorders.  This webinar, Integrating High-Quality Substance Use Disorder Care into Hospitals, will equip healthcare providers with […]

Physician and Nurse Burnout: Take it From Red to Green

Physician and nurse burnout is a hospital workforce challenge with effects that ripple throughout institutions. For decades, Nature Sacred has, together with researchers and hospitals, honed a solution that relies on biophilic intervention as a means to build resilient, high-performing teams; and to foster a culture and community of healing. During this session, Nature Sacred […]

Pain Management in the Patient with Opioid use Disorder

Opioid use disorder (OUD) is on the rise in the United States. Many patients with OUD also require opioids for the control of pain, and, due to developing tolerance, doses are higher than average. Posing a safety risk. This presentation will introduce the audience to multimodal analgesic strategies that incorporate treatment for OUD.   

Patient Family Engagement for Equity: The Funfetti Approach

Engaging patient family partners into quality improvement projects provides critical insights to inform identification of improvement priorities as well as to add the “why” to the data improvement strategies are built on. Join this session to hear examples of how health systems are tapping into their patients, family caregivers and communities as a resource to drive […]

Hospital Strategies for Combating Health Care Disparities

Health care disparities, defined as variation in quality and safety of care by patient sociodemographic characteristics, have been a significant and persistent problem in American health care.  While California hospitals and hospital systems have often been at the forefront of the quest to achieve health care equity, significant work still remains ahead of us. This […]