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Intraoperative Pressure Injury Prevention: An Evidence Based Approach

Hospital acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) are devastating to patients. These patients enter the hospital with one ailment and with a pressure injury their hospitalization increases, there is an increased risk for infection and decreased chance at health. Additionally, the costs of a HAPI are absorbed by the hospital. The hospital uses staffing resources, hospital space […]

Combating Disparities in Clinical Encounters (Part II): Protecting Patients from Social Identity Threat & Racial Trauma

A prerequisite for universally high quality, equitable care is understanding and addressing how societal/structural inequities affect quality and patient safety in clinical encounters. Yet the ways in which these inequities can permeate and undermine patient care are not always apparent to health care staff and providers. In Part I of this series, The Impact of Bias […]

The Impact of Bias on Quality and Patient Safety

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2020 Despite decades of evidence and thousands of studies demonstrating racial and ethnic inequalities in health care quality and safety, there has been limited progress towards correcting this problem. The lack of progress is especially disturbing in light of the fact that clinicians, providers and health care organizations deeply and sincerely […]

Addressing Racial Inequity in Healthcare Outcomes with a Focus on Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2022 Addressing racial inequity in healthcare requires focused attention and concerted action. A new initiative in Los Angeles County (now in its third year) is doing just that. Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies helps participating hospitals evaluate their data, collaborate with community partners, and implement institutional changes to improve […]

Transgender Healthcare: Safety Considerations for Both Patient and Institution

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2022 In this presentation we will discuss who transgender patients are, and review relevant epidemiologic information about this diverse patient population. We will then discuss the treatments and care plans that many patients undergo in the course of care. This discussion will include a brief overview of surgeries, and what these […]

HQIP Resources

12. AHRQ’s Quality Indicator AHRQ PSI Codeset AHRQ PSI Composite Methodology AHRQ IQI Codeset AHRQ IQI Composite Methodology 13. Chronic Condition Data Warehouse CCW Chronic Conditions Algorithm CCW Other Chronic Health, Mental Health, and Potentially Disabling Conditions CCW Codeset v2022 Excel 14. Adverse Drug Events Anticoagulants Methodology Hypoglycemic Methodology Opioids Methodology ADE Codeset Excel HSAG […]