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Burnout and Resilience, Perspectives in Nursing

Understanding Clinician burnout and resilience are key to retaining healthy staff and have been linked to better patient safety. Join us as we discuss the six areas of work-life that habitually predict burnout.  Discover practical examples of strategies to bolster resilience and counter burnout.

Eliminating Inequities in Pain and Symptom Management

As a consequence of structural racism and interpersonal biases, Black and other patients of color are systematically undertreated for pain, regardless of pain intensity and condition. Achieving health equity for these groups requires immediate and systematic change. A critical component of this change strategy is ensuring that every provider has the knowledge and skills they […]

The Long Road Trip to High Reliability – Are We There Yet?

One hospital’s journey toward building a Safety-First Culture and how Physician Peer Review came along for the ride! Every hospital and healthcare system are somewhere on the path to becoming a High Reliability Organization. This long trip requires incredible humility, energy, and dedication to ensure the destination is reached! This presentation will describe one hospital’s journey […]

Patient Safety Evaluation System — 2023 Virtual Summit

Join HQI and the Alliance for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety for two days of topic-focused breakout sessions, Safe Table discussions, and amazing keynote presenters — all focused on Patient Safety Evaluation Systems. 8 a.m. – 12 p.m., PST 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., CST 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., EST  “Once you get patient safety right, everything else follows.” […]

Who are the Numbers – Valuing Transparency in Medical Errors

As part of vital efforts to improve health care, data is valuable and necessary. But focusing on the numbers may take the focus off the people the numbers represent. In this discussion, Leilani Schweitzer will detail the importance keeping patient, families and the people who care for them at the center of safety improvement efforts. […]

Management of Alcohol Withdrawal in the Acute Care Setting – a Multi-disciplinary Root Cause Analysis – CHPSO Safe Table Forum

Managing a patient who is withdrawing from alcohol is a complex balance of accurate assessments, consistent and aggressive medication management, and clear communication between the multi-disciplinary team. The case being presented follows a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis that was performed following the death of a patient withdrawing from alcohol. The case highlights the many challenges […]