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Elder Abuse and Neglect: Inpatient Considerations

This webinar will describe the signs and symptoms of elder and dependent abuse and neglect in patients presenting to the emergency room and hospital.  The presenter will discuss this importance of understanding patients’ pre-hospital function, caregiving and environment in order to assess for the possibility of abuse. Trauma Informed Motivation Interviewing (TIMI), a technique for […]

2024 HQI and Hospital Council Annual Conference

The HQI Annual Conference is the premiere patient safety event in the West. Nationally acclaimed speakers will share insights and discuss best practices to advance patient safety and achieve zero harm. There will be plenty of handouts, case studies and checklists, and a great opportunity to network, learn, and earn CEs.

Strategies for Successful CLABSI Prevention: Insights from Our Journey to Zero

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, faced significant challenges in preventing CLABSI during the SARS CoV-2 (COVID) pandemic. Rather than adhering strictly to conventional compliance practices involving insertion and maintenance bundles, they approached the issue by distinguishing between prevention and reduction strategies. Their commitment and innovative perspective bore fruit, […]

A Strong Year and More to Come

In this final month of the year, and as we look toward 2024, we at HQI have been taking some time to reflect on the work we’ve been able to accomplish alongside hospital leaders throughout California and beyond.  

New Opportunities Available in 2024 to Mitigate Workplace Violence

The safety and well-being of the health care workforce are fundamental preconditions to deliver safe and effective patient care. Workplace violence — a growing problem in California hospitals — jeopardizes both workforce wellness and the quality of care, and HQI is committed to helping hospitals address it.