President's Message

Working Together for Patient Safety and Quality Care

HQI is committed to supporting hospitals in their efforts toward delivering the safest and highest quality care possible. The people you care for depend on you, and you depend on us. But it’s important to remember that HQI depends on you. The data we receive from our members is the foundation for what we do. The more timely and complete the data that’s submitted, the more comprehensive, up-to-date, and actionable our analyses will be.     

Through these efforts, HQI aims to create a culture of continuous improvement, and share best practices to promote ongoing learning and advancement among health care professionals. None of this would happen without the participation of our members. It’s a special relationship that supports ongoing improvement in the health care field and helps to keep patients safe. 

HQI focuses on several key areas:  

In this edition of Quality Quarterly we share updates on our activities in these areas. We also explore why effective patient safety strategies are grounded in the timely collection and analysis of data and examine the rise in sepsis mortality rates and how diagnostic criteria have changed over time.  

Thank you for providing HQI with data that informs the work we do. We’re grateful to have partnerships with organizations working hard every day to improve patient care and save lives. Together we are making a difference.