President's Message

Connect with Peers While Focusing on Patient Safety at Annual Conference

Next month, and then again in November, we’ll gather in Long Beach and Napa, respectively for the HQI Annual Conference. After a two-year break, it will be a welcome opportunity to connect and re-connect with peers and experts and tap into patient safety excellence, while zeroing in on zero-harm care. 

And now, there is no cost for members to attend. HQI understands the unprecedented cost and care challenges that many hospitals are facing and has waived registration fees for both conference locations.  

Attendees will get the opportunity to hear from speakers such as Marty Makary, MD, MPH, who will give the opening keynote address on Creating a Culture of Quality & Safety, and Steve Burrows, who will give the closing remarks. Burrows is the writer/director/producer of the critically acclaimed HBO documentary “Bleed Out,” which details what happened when his mother went in for a routine partial hip replacement and came out in a coma with permanent brain damage. He will draw on his comedic background and harrowing personal story to highlight key takeaways from his patient safety journey. 

In between, attendees will have the chance to attend sessions that run on four tracks: 

  • Track 1: General Pt Safety. Topics include Street Medicine and Hospital Relationships and the  
  • Track 2: Joy in Practice. Topics include Workforce Support Concepts and Strategies, and Engaging Clinicians – Support with Outcomes, 
  • Track 3: Data. Using Advanced Analytics to Improve Patient Safety Event Report Analysis and Using Signal Detection to Reduce Harm 
  • Track 4: Health Equity. Topics include Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies and No Safety Without Equity: Eliminating Errors in Diverse Populations 

It’s critical we learn from mistakes that negatively impact patient outcomes in hopes those errors are not repeated. I hope you’ll join us at the HQI annual conference as we highlight successes, celebrate achievements, and chart a course that leads to higher quality patient care.