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CHPSO Provides Recap of 2019 Safe Tables

Safe Tables are designed to empower providers to engage in robust, meaningful patient safety and quality improvement activities. CHPSO hosts these meetings via a web-based, teleconference format approximately twice a month. Safe Tables generally have clinical focus on a topic requested by members or found during periodic analysis of the CHPSO database. 

Safe Table discussions are driven by attendee participation. Attendees may choose to present a case or simply participate in the discussion by sharing their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. Attendees wishing to share a case can do so spontaneously, although most members will choose to prepare a case in advance. Members can contact CHPSO staff directly by emailing info@CHPSO.org, or they may indicate their interest during the registration process and a member of the CHPSO team will provide assistance with case preparation. While most attendees work with the CHPSO team to prepare slides for their case(s), slides are not required.

The cases shared may be brief, three to five minutes, or longer if the complexity of the issue warrants additional time. Cases generally involve a situation in which there are systematic concerns or issues that the organization may be looking for ways to address. Organizations may also choose to share quality improvement approaches they have taken to address the clinical topic under examination.

The 2019 CHPSO Safe Tables were attended by nearly 1,000 members from 179 facilities, and included the following topics: 

  • Medical Device Associated Pressure Injuries
  • Failure to Rescue & Early Warning Systems 
  • Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy
  • Sepsis Alerts
  • Care of the Conserved Patient
  • Falls and Immobility
  • OB Triage Issues
  • ED Boarding of Psychiatric Patients
  • Limitations of BCMA
  • Patient Identification
  • End-of-Life Care
  • Workplace Violence
  • Discharge Planning for Homeless Patients
  • Alarm Management
  • Telemetry Monitoring
  • Handoff – Shift Change and Internal Transfers
  • Workplace Bullying and Unprofessional Behavior
  • Smart Pump Issues 
  • Safe Pathology Specimen Handling
  • Tubing Connectors
  • Patient Safety Issues in Rural Facilities 
  • Medication Reconciliation

For a list of upcoming topics, please visit the Safe Table page of the CHPSO website. If you have ideas for the 2020 Safe Table calendar, please email us at info@CHPSO.org and let us know what topics you would like to see added.