Quality Quarterly

2019 C. Duane Dauner Award Winners Announced

HQI received 33 applications for 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award.  Through a careful review via an external panel of judges, three applicant organizations were recognized:

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was the winner of 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award, with a program to improve safety and care of patients upon discharge by actively supporting their follow-up care in the community.  Since 2018, their Post-Acute Care Transitions (PACT) initiative reduced the hospital length of stay for non-acute patients by approximately 50% (from 70 days to 35 days), increased hospital bed capacity by over 5,000 hospital bed days, and reduced the 30-day readmission rate for patients in the PACT program from 19% to 5.5%.

Keck Medicine of USC was a 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award finalist with their program to implement Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), positively impacting postoperative pain, opioid use, length of stay, and readmission rates.

John Muir Health was a 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award finalist with a new predictive analytics approach to identify and manage sepsis patients, which resulted in reducing code blues by 35% and saving 54 lives.