Quality Quarterly

Invitation to All Hospitals: Consider HQI Cares

HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART® is more than another hospital quality program. Instead, it is an answer to the greatest challenge hospitals have faced in generations: How can they keep patients safe while battling turnover and caring for an increasingly drained and depleted workforce? 

HQI is offering HQI Cares to member hospitals as a cutting-edge, multi-year effort that results in a reliable, sustainable culture of patient safety, effective systems of care for their caregivers, and consistent, empathetic and transparent responses to adverse events.   

HQI Cares is the result of a partnership with BETA Healthcare Group, which has developed BETA HEART and implemented it with their member hospitals. For those hospitals that have taken part in BETA HEART, the results have been truly transformative.  Now — through HQI — our greater hospital community has the chance to enroll and experience first-hand the benefits of this unprecedented opportunity.