HQIP Resources

Getting Started / Summary

HQIP User Instructions – last updated June 2022

HQIP Comparison Group Matrix – last updated May 2024

HQIP Measure Data Dictionary – need to update

HQIP Report Methodology and Codesets

Adverse Drug Events – last updated June 2021

AHRQ’s Quality Indicators – last updated August 2023

CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

CMS Case Mix Index

CMS Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse

CMS Hospital-Acquired Condition

California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative

Cancer Surgery Volumes

Demographics & Other Encounter Characteristics

Emergency Department (ED) Revisits

HCUP Comorbidity (Elixhauser)

Inpatient Encounter Outcome

Local Health Plan Reports

Readmission Rates, Distributions & Volumes

Sepsis (SEP-3) & Septic Shock

Social Determinants of Health

QTD Template