HQIP Resources

1. HQIP User Instructions

HQIP User Instructions

HQIP Measure Data Dictionary

Updated HQIP v2 Data Dictionary

HQIP Sepsis (SEP-3) Calculation

3. HQIP Comparison Group Matrix

Peer Comparison Groups

4. Conferring HAI Data Rights to HQI on the NHSN SAMS Portal 

NHSN HQIP Group Join Instructions

5. Uploading HCAI Historical Limited Data Sets (AB2876)

OSHPD HQIP Upload Limited Data Set (AB2876) Instructions

6. Requesting HCAI Historical Limited Data Sets (AB2876)

HCAI HQIP Limited Data Set Request Instructions

HCAI HQIP LDS Attachment 1

HCAI HQIP LDS Attachment 2

7. Running HCAI Custom Reports to Obtain Corrected Recent Data (SIERA – Download)

How to Download Corrected SIERA files from HCAI

8. Uploading HCAI Recent Data into HQIP (SIERA – Upload)

HCAI Patient-Level Administrative Data (SIERA) HQIP Upload

9. HQIP SIERA Excluded HIV Codes

HIV Substance Code for Removal

10. AHA’s Social Determinants of Health Codeset

SDOH Methodology

SDOH Codeset Excel

11. Cancer Surgery Methodology and Codeset

Cancer Surgery Volume Methodology

Cancer Surgery Codeset Excel

12. AHRQ’s Quality Indicator

AHRQ PSI Codeset

AHRQ PSI Composite Methodology

AHRQ IQI Codeset

AHRQ IQI Composite Methodology

13. Chronic Condition Data Warehouse

CCW Chronic Conditions Algorithm

CCW Other Chronic Health, Mental Health, and Potentially Disabling Conditions

CCW Codeset v2022 Excel

14. Adverse Drug Events

Anticoagulants Methodology

Hypoglycemic Methodology

Opioids Methodology

ADE Codeset Excel

HSAG Full Compendium of Measures – last updated June 2021