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Ask CHPSO: Learning More about CHPSOData

Here are a few questions and answers about the new CHPSOData platform. 

What is the CHPSOData platform? 

CHPSO has partnered with SpeedTrack to create CHPSOData, a new event reporting and analytics platform that will replace the current system administered through NextPlane/Press Ganey. This new solution will provide members with multifactor authentication, streamlined safety event reporting, expanded event categorization, and a new comparative analytics capability. 

Who owns and manages CHPSOData? 

As always, our members own their data. CHPSO and data partners such as SpeedTrack carefully manage the data within applications like the new CHPSOData platform. 

Once the migration is complete, what will happen to our data that are in NextPlane?  

CHPSO will continue to maintain a historical copy of the NextPlane data in its HIPAA-secure cloud. SpeedTrack will also have a copy in its own HIPAA-secure cloud. This SpeedTrack-managed copy data will serve as a foundation for data continuity and future analytics capabilities within the new CHPSOData app. Ultimately, the copy of the data held at NextPlane will be completely removed. 

Do we need a separate Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Speedtrack/CHPSOdata?  

No.  Your BAA with CHPSO will continue to cover your needs. 

How will compliance with HIPAA/HITECH and PSQIA be managed?  

SpeedTrack hosts its copy of members’ adverse event data in a SOC2-compliant HIPAA-secure hosting environment at Amazon Web Services. As with CHPSO itself, these organizations undergo external audits to verify compliance. 

Does our hospital need to adopt common formats to submit to Speedtrack/CHPSOData?  

Member hospitals are already collecting their adverse event data in tools such as RL/Solutions and producing spreadsheets for upload to NextPlane, and that process will continue with CHPSOData. Some of the main changes include (a) submitting and mapping data on the new CHPSOData website and (b) encouragement to focus collection and upload efforts on the minimum required fields that CHPSO wants to leverage for future analytics capabilities.  Data will be converted to AHRQ’s common formats within the CHPSOData application. 

What are the minimum required fields?  

CHPSO recommends that members focus on submitting 15 particular fields under their control within their local adverse event reporting system: 

  • Event ID 
  • Event Report Type 
  • Event Discovery Date/Time 
  • Event Narrative Description 
  • Event Category 
  • Event Initial Report Date 
  • Patient Sex  
  • Patient Age Range 
  • Patient Birthdate  
  • Patient Ethnicity  
  • Patient Race  
  • Patient Degree of Harm  
  • Event Contributing Factors 
  • Event Location 
  • Event Additional Details 

Will there be a training session? 

Look out for webinars on CHPSOData in the near future! 

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