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Violence Prevention: Safeguarding Frontline Healthcare Workers and Beyond

Community and workplace violence is a significant problem worldwide. Understanding how community-based violence spills over into the work setting is key to developing prevention strategies. When healthcare employees are victims of workplace violence, there can be significant psychological and physical trauma to the involved employee and collateral impacts to other staff. A multi-faceted approach is essential to protect our communities, workforce, patients and visitors from violence and to respond quickly, compassionately, and effectively when violent events occur.

Participants will learn about CommonSpirit’s approach to prevention of community and workplace violence and how one Division is responding to employees who are victims.

Addressing the Syphilis Epidemic at the Front Line: Screening for Syphilis in a High-Risk Emergency Department Population

Syphilis continues to be a major public health concern in California, aggravated by the public health challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Emergency departments (EDs) represent an important setting to test and treat patients who are not seen in traditional outpatient clinical settings. The UC Davis emergency department has been screening high risk patients for syphilis since 2018. In this webinar, we will share best practices and recent results from this initiative.

The Quality Quarterly

HQI produces a quarterly newsletter intended to support health care quality and patient safety professionals’ work by providing information on clinical developments, opportunities to learn from your peers, and new technologies to help you work more effectively. The newsletter is distributed in March, June, September, and December. To subscribe, please email 

Care for the Caregiver Webinar — On Demand

Originally recorded April 21, 2020 Hospital Quality Institute, in partnership with BETA Healthcare Group, presents Care for the Caregiver, an online course providing first aid for the head and heart — not only for clinical workers, but anyone working in health care. Recognizing that talking to someone who understands health care workers’ unique situations, this program […]

2022 HQI Annual Conference — Northern California

This educational activity is jointly provided by AXIS Medical Education and California Hospital Association Join colleagues and patient safety experts at the 2022 Hospital Quality Institute Annual Conference, an experience sure to restore and inspire. Registration fees for the 2022 HQI Annual Conference have been waived for members. See HQI president Robert Imhoff explain why the program is now free for members.