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Addressing Racial Inequity in Healthcare Outcomes with a Focus on Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies

Addressing racial inequity in healthcare requires focused attention and concerted action. A new initiative in Los Angeles County (now in its third year) is doing just that. Cherished Futures for Black Moms and Babies helps participating hospitals evaluate their data, collaborate with community partners, and implement institutional changes to improve care for Black women, birthing people, and families.

Patient Safety Culture Change

How can a health plan incentivize hospitals to develop reliable, sustainable and transparent cultures of safety? Learn about a groundbreaking new partnership of Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) and Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) that rewards hospitals for participating in HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART® (HQI Cares), a comprehensive, multi-year program aimed at transforming patient safety and caregiver well-being. HQI Cares is now a part of IEHP’s Hospital Pay for Performance Program providing financial rewards to hospitals that meet quality improvement targets.

Transgender Healthcare: Safety Considerations for Both Patient and Institution

In this presentation we will discuss who transgender patients are, and review relevant epidemiologic information about this diverse patient population. We will then discuss the treatments and care plans that many patients undergo in the course of care. This discussion will include a brief overview of surgeries, and what these surgeries require from both patients and the institutions who provide care. We will then reflect on how transcare actually contributes to – and improves, care quality for all (i.e. cis-gender) adult and pediatric patients at an institution. Lastly, we will spend time focusing on how culturally sensitive care is, in fact, a safety issue for trans patients that come to our institutions, and, how not delivering culturally competent care should be a concern for institutions

Prescription for Safety: Just What the Doctor Ordered – Simple Strategies to Promote Safe Medication Use

Medication use is a complicated process that spans many steps and many players. There are several opportunities in which an error may occur.  Having knowledge of common causes of medication errors can promote effective safety planning interventions to prevent errors or reduce the likelihood of harm from medication use. Please join us for a session on promoting safe medication use during National Patient Safety Awareness Week.

Improving Community Birth Transfers in California

The Transform Maternity Care program at the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH) engaged an expert panel of California physicians and midwives to develop resources and discuss strategies to increase hospital-birth center collaboration, and particularly to improve community birth transfers.  Join us on May 18th at 11-12 PT, to learn how you can improve the transfer experience for your patients and your providers.

Legal Counsel Discussion Group

Interested counsel may join a discussion group that offers support and an opportunity to learn about the new legal privileges and challenges of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005.  You can request to join the group by clicking here. This group generally holds conference calls quarterly. 

ALERT: Data Show Higher Preeclampsia / Eclampsia Risk Among Pregnant Patients with COVID-19

The Hospital Quality Institute’s (HQI) Sentinel Signal Detection System has alerted HQI to notify California member hospitals about significantly higher preeclampsia/eclampsia risk identified among pregnant patients with evidence of concurrent COVID‑19 infection during 2020-2021. Specifically, the below figure shows extended periods from April 2020 to June 2021 during which the probability of preeclampsia/eclampsia diagnosis was […]

January 2022 CHPSO and HQIP Signal Detection Report

This is the third report of findings from HQI’s two sentinel signal detection systems. The systems automatically detect abnormal changes (i.e., signals) in the incidence of diagnosis codes from hospital discharge records in the Hospital Quality Improvement Platform (HQIP), as well as term frequencies from the Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) safety reports. The key alerts […]

Easy To Use

The only thing better than great data is easy access to meaningful reports based on great data. The Platform gives you pre-made reports that are easy to use right from the start – there’s no custom coding or waiting required. The Platform automatically shows your performance in the most popular key areas because, well, it’s easier […]