President's Message

Even Heroes Need Help

For the women and men on the front lines of healing those afflicted with coronavirus, the past several weeks have tested not only their clinical skills, but also their physical limits and their emotional fortitude. 

And with many more weeks, possibly months, before they can exhale again, they need all the help they can get — now. 

That’s why, in a partnership between HQI, CHA, and Beta Healthcare Group, we’re standing up a tailored version of a program that helps people provide “psychological first aid” to those working through times of great strain, like all of California’s caregivers right now. 

This program is designed primarily to be a peer support for health care workers. It gives the tools and training needed to respond to a variety of circumstances and has proven effective to respond to the many emotional and psychological needs of caregivers, especially during times of crisis. 

The bottom line: any and all who come into contact with frontline caregivers can help support the life-saving work they do through this training.  

In many ways, by supporting those who save lives, we can collectively save even more lives. Our caregivers must be resilient, because we are relying on them now more than ever. 

We are now finalizing the details of this program and will roll them out to hospitals in the coming days.  

Stay tuned for information in your inbox.  

Stay safe and take care of each other.