Quality Quarterly

2020 Vision: The Future of HQI

In the coming year, HQI will continue to provide member support on pressing patient safety issues, including a particular focus on three main areas:

Data Enrichment

Vast amounts of data are available through hospital submissions (from California and, soon, 19 other states) and state systems. Both CHPSO and HQI are uniquely positioned to engage in a predictive analytics initiative that will be able to detect “signals” in patient safety and quality improvement trends. These trends will then be disseminated to member facilities so they may take necessary action and reverse any adverse effects.

Joy and Meaning

Health care employees are faced with ever-increasing pressures and stresses, leading to unprecedented levels of burnout. The results are increased turnover, low employee satisfaction, and significantly increased possibilities for patient harm. HQI will embark on an initiative to improve communication, support staff involved in stressful events, and foster a Just Culture that supports the principles of high reliability. Expected outcomes include:

  • Increased incident reporting
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Improved employee satisfaction rates
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Decreased costs
  • An improved overall patient safety environment

Opioid / Methamphetamine Crisis

HQI is exploring partnership opportunities to combat the current crisis. Offering our extensive data resources and ability to convene more than 400 member organizations, HQI will engage in a yet-to-be determined initiative to tackle this national and state emergency.