Quality Quarterly

New Opportunities Available in 2024 to Mitigate Workplace Violence

The safety and well-being of the health care workforce are fundamental preconditions to deliver safe and effective patient care. Workplace violence — a growing problem in California hospitals — jeopardizes both workforce wellness and the quality of care, and HQI is committed to helping hospitals address it. 

Following the release of HQI’s research paper on workplace violence earlier this year, HQI has been in the process of convening a series of regional roundtables on this topic. Two successful roundtables (in Sacramento on Sept. 13 and in San Diego on Dec. 7) have led to four more being scheduled for the first part of 2024. The roundtables aim to engage hospital leaders and others involved in preventing and mitigating workplace violence through a facilitated discussion of issues affecting their hospitals, as well as the resources and processes they are putting in place to reduce and control violent incidents. 

Stay tuned for invitations to these important educational and discussion opportunities. 

Additionally in 2024, HQI will facilitate a Community of Practice (CoP) on Eliminating Hospital Workplace Violence. The CoP will be a collaborative network providing peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange on hospital workplace violence, aiming to advance the prevention of and response to workplace violence. It will consist of monthly webinars, an online repository of resources, continued rollout of regional roundtables, and a dedicated track at HQI’s 2024 Annual Conference (Oct. 20-21). 

Enrollment in the Community of Practice is now open. Participation is free for HQI/CHA member hospitals. Click here to join and receive webinar announcements and other program information.  

For more information, contact Boris Kalanj, HQI’s director of programs at bkalanj@hqinstitute.org