Quality Quarterly

Sentinel Signal Detection System Looks at Trends in Care

This month, HQI is launching its first report of findings from the sentinel signal detection system, which automatically detects abnormal changes (i.e., signals) in the incidence of diagnosis codes from hospital discharge records in the Hospital Quality Improvement Platform, as well as term frequencies from the Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization safety reports.  

Here’s a look at this quarter’s top alerts: 

  •  COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment, testing, risk factors, and concerns about further patient/staff exposures and mask/PPE use/availability 
  •  Pressure ulcer events for COVID-19 patients 
  •  Glucose management events for COVID-19 patients 
  •  Less-severe mental health treatment, but stable severe mental health & alcohol/drug treatment 
  •  In-hospital births, cancer screenings, immunizations, and elective procedures 

More on HQI’s sentinel signal detection system trends can be found in this report