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CHPSO Annual Report Now Available 

In case you missed it, CHPSO recently released its 2021 Annual Report.  

The report details our activities and provides a look at CHPSO’s most significant work on your behalf.  

Highlights include:   

  • An analytical deep dive to examine event data and uncover insights on staffing shortages and the ripple effect on patient safety during COVID-19  
  • A recap of 2021 Safe Table forums and webinars   
  • A look at safety event reporting as classified by CHPSO members, according to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality event category   
  • The persistent problem of “Other” CHPSO safety events and what CHPSO has done to rectify it  
  • A list of all CHPSO members 

If you have questions about anything in the report or would like more information, contact us at info@chpso.org