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Update: HQI’s Community of Practice (CoP) for Eliminating Workplace Violence 

HQI’s Community of Practice for Eliminating Workplace Violence provides monthly educational programming and a collaborative peer network for individuals addressing hospital workplace violence. 

The program website offers comprehensive, up-to-date information about events. Under “Monthly Virtual Forums,” register for upcoming forums, and access recordings, slides, and resources from past events.  

Past virtual forums covered these topics: 

  • Overview of the issue of hospital workplace violence and linkages with patient safety (Feb. 22) 
  • Leadership and programmatic setup for addressing hospital workplace violence (March 13) 
  • Methods used by hospital security officers in responding to violence (April 18) 
  • Regulatory and accreditation requirements for California hospitals pertaining to workplace violence (May 23) 
  • Identifying and tracking patients at risk for committing violence (June 27) 

Upcoming topics include the following: 

  • Simulation-based training to de-escalate, manage, and prevent workplace violence (July 25) 
  • A peer-support program for hospital staff in the aftermath of workplace violence (Aug. 29) 
  • How can hospitals be data-driven and evidence based in addressing the issue of workplace violence (Sept. 26) 
  • The learnings from aggregate-level data on hospital workplace violence (regional, statewide, and beyond) (Oct. 24) 

The website also features a curated selection of online resources for hospitals. This includes publicly available resources, as well as peer-shared materials developed by organizations participating in the community of practice. 

In addition to monthly virtual forums, five in-person regional roundtables on workplace violence were held throughout the state between September 2023 and June 2024. Attendees consisted of individuals leading or supporting the efforts to eliminate workplace violence. Eighty-five member hospitals and health systems were represented. A summary report with key learnings from the virtual forums is in development. 

Click here to join the Community of Practice for Eliminating Workplace Violence. Participation is free and joining ensures placement on the mailing list for program announcements and updates. 

For questions or more information, contact Boris Kalanj, HQI’s Director of Programs, at bkalanj@hqinstitute.org