Quality Quarterly

HQI White Paper on Workplace Violence

In recognition of June 2 as the national day of awareness to end violence (American Hospital Association, Hospitals Against Violence), HQI is pleased to share a new white paper on hospital workplace violence.

The white paper Workplace Violence in Hospitals: Issues, Trends, Prevention, and Response was produced in response to dramatic rises of workplace violence affecting HQI-member hospitals in recent years, and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.  Safety of health care workers is a basic precondition for delivering safe and effective patient care.  The paper summarizes the issue of workforce violence from the hospital perspective and outlines strategies HQI, CHA and regional hospital associations are undertaking to assist member hospitals.

HQI will establish and facilitate a Community of Practice for individuals leading workplace violence programs in our member hospitals and continue to provide education and training on various salient topics related to the issue.  In addition, responding to concerns that hospital workplace violence is often underreported, HQI will investigate opportunities to assist hospitals with monitoring, surveillance and actionable reporting of workplace violence incidents.